Success Stories

Read about Hope and Kevin Parish's transformation: 

In November of 2009, our life as we knew it was about to change. I (Hope) was facing two felony possession charges of Methamphetamine. I had not realized at this time that my children would be living with their father and I would only be given supervised visits with them. I entered into the Drug Treatment Court on November 30, 2009.  Kevin would join me in the program the first week of January of 2010 from an incident in October of 2009.  Our new sober life was just beginning. We were ready for a change.

Although at first we were a little skeptical about the DTC program, we were given the tools we needed to function as responsible adults and parents. During the program, Kevin and I were able to learn how to deal with life’s problems on life’s terms. WE had to make the decision to change everything about our life. Changing our people, places and things was key. Something had to be bigger than us, so we decided to give church a try. We had finally found that one thing that could help us, our faith, we found God! With God as our driver and DTC as the bus, we were on our way to our new wonderful life.

We have recently celebrated three years of sobriety; both of us are two years post program. After fifteen months of supervision (during our program), we now have full custody of my children and Kevin’s oldest son. We continue to fight for custody of Kevin’s youngest son. Our success story doesn’t end here; we have been blessed with a new home, and a new car. All of our bills are paid each month and we drive with legal driver’s licenses, and insurance.

I have recently gone back to school; I will be graduating in August of 2013 as a registered medical assistant. Kevin has found steady employment with opportunities for advancement. Our oldest son will be graduating high school this May. Our daughter is also doing well in school. None of this would be possible if we were still in active addiction.

 As you can see, our lives since graduating DTC has only improved and keeps improving. We welcomed every suggestion that came our way from the DTC team. Once we realized that the team was only there to guide and help us, our program only got better as we grew stronger. Being open and honest with ourselves and with each other has only made out marriage stronger.

Our lives are where they are first because we put our trust in God and let him lead us where he wants us to be. Secondly, there were a select few people who believed in us; that we were more than cross-addicted alcoholics. Thank you Van Buren Drug Treatment Court.  

-Kevin and Hope Parish  


Read about Jewel Dailey's transformation:

        My name is Jewel Dailey, I am a grateful recovering meth addict fighting this disease one day at a time. First I want to thank the Van Buren County Drug Treatment Court program for helping me along the way. I was given the tools to learn how to fight my addiction. It took many years and a routine traffic stop for me to understand I was living to use.  As most addicts I have an ugly past, a demon, and skeletons in the closet, this all started for me in my mid-twenties. I was on the road the destruction, a year after using for the first time I lost everything; my church, my marriage, and most importantly my child. Using, selling and cooking; meth controlled my life.  It came apart, and I was now using to live. Living in known drug houses, and staying in an abusive (physically and mentally) relationship was all I had known; I had lost myself.  

         I can remember the day I stood in front of Judge Buhl, he said nothing I wanted to hear but gave me everything I needed, a position in the DTC. The program provided me with guidance, structure, goals, and a huge reality check. This was not an easy program and at times I thought it would be easier to just give up. But as soon as I stopped pitying myself and accepted who I had become, what I had done, and what I needed to do, it all began to get easier.  I was able to put one foot in front of the other to work on my recovery. When I gave it my all, I started to feel good about myself, knowing that Teresa, Courtney and the DTC staff believed in me helped me overcome my insecurities. My life was changing for the better.  I was setting goals and following through with them; becoming a mother to my children and working to be a productive member of my community, which I had once taken for granted.

         Two years of hard work has paid off.  I have gained positive relationships with my children, have my own home, obtained my GED and driver’s license, hold multiple jobs and belong to a beautiful church.  I have the backing of a wonderful support group, which I believe is key to my success. I am the founder of a nonprofit organization working to fight against meth in Van Buren County. I never stop thinking about what goal I would like to achieve next. Drug court taught me if I want something bad enough, I must work for it (there’s no harm in trying). My life is now full of endless dreams.  If it was not for Van Buren County Drug Treatment Court this would not be possible. I am living proof this is a great program and their success will continue to grow.

         With that being said I would like to thank all of you who work within the program, and for saving my life.  I cannot thank you enough, and wish there was some way to repay you for helping me live a new way of life. God Bless you all.

-Jewel Daily


The Van Buren County Drug Treatment Court abides by the 10 Key Components according to the National Association of the Drug Treatment Court Professionals (NADCP) organization to accomplish the following program achievements:

  • 340 clients served as of January 2013
  • Average cost per person $1,999
  • 62% graduation rate (better than the state average of 47%)
  • Recidivism rates for program graduates are better than the national average of 25%
    •   15% recidivism rate for graduates 12 months post program
    •   23% recidivism rate for graduates 24 months post program
    •   35% recidivism rate for unsuccessful discharges 12 months post program
    •   49% recidivism rate for unsuccessful discharges 24 months post program
  • 73% improved their employment status
  • 33% improved their education status while enrolled in the program.
  • 87% regained custody of their children through child protection proceedings.

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